3ds Max

3D Studio MAX for Interior Design


3ds max is a very popular and the world’s most widely-used 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software to create 3D visualizations of architectural and industrial designs and concepts. It works seamlessly with AutoCAD drawings, and has enabled Architects, Civil Engineers, and project planners to create realistic 3D representations of their designs.Achieve Professional Quality Results for product designs, marketing launches, virtual building layouts, or corporate presentations. Suitable for Architects, Civil Engineers, Interior designers and Industrial Engineers.


PC literature, Basic design knowledge, Basic English


30 hours / Part time

Part 1

  • Introduction to 3D
  • The Basics
  • Managing 3D Scenes
  • Manipulating 3D Objects
  • 2D Shapes And Modifers
  • Modelling

Part 2

  • Material and mapping
  • Setup camera
  • Create lights
  • The enviroment
  • Atmospheric Effects
  • Video post

Part 3

  • 3D Animation Concepts, Principles and Limitations
  • Workspace
  • Animation Setup
  • Animation Techniques
  • Staging the Animation
  • Animation Process
  • Rendering

Part 4

  • Interior/exterior design project
  • Animation design project