Practical Soldering Skills


Soldering is the act of joining two or more pieces of metal together by using low-temperature filler metal. The base metals are not melted during the process of joining. This course will show you how soldering works – and why it doesn’t. You’ll learn all about handling a soldering iron, tip “tinning”, tack soldering, how to make the strongest connections, how to avoid solder bridges – even how to de-solder.

Target Student:

Electronics Enthusiast, technician, engineer


Electronics circuit basic


6 hours / Part time


  • Fundamentals of soldering
  • Material for soldering
  • Caution when soldering with lead-free
  • Proper soldering procedures
  • Through-hole soldering skills
  • Surface mount device soldering skills
  • De-soldering and rework
  • Safety precautions