Industrial Control System (PLC) Design


This course aims to equip the participants with the fundamentals of PLC system and writing control program for PLC. Participants will be taught program trouble-shooting skills using computer software and programming console. Practical experiments will be carried out to simulate the real projects.


Electronics circuit basic / control theory basic


21 hours / Part time


  • Introduction and Theory of PLC
  • The advantage and application of Siemens PLC
  • Introduction to the hardware structure and software
  • Basic Instructions
  • Other Instructions
  • Experiments:
  • Auto-control of the traffic light
  • Auto-control of the manipulator
  • Driving the Step motor
  • Auto-control of the stage light
  • Elevator control
  • A. C. motor control
  • Mix-liquid equipment control
  • Water tower level control
  • Carousel simulation