St.Hua Private School provides an extensive Navisworks Course Singapore which aids students in learning the technology the most effective way. The trainers of the school will provide tips on how to maximise your learning experience here in St.Hua Private School and ensure your most pleasurable experience here. Navisworks Course Singapore Singapore is curated by St.Hua Private School to allow students know the most relevant skills used in this industry.

We have come up with a detailed course outline. We hope you can go through it and please do ask us questions should you have any doubts and enquiries.


The Autodesk Navisworks Essentials training course instructs students in best approaches to combine 3D geometry from cross disciplines into one scene to enable effective model reviews.

Through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum, students acquire the knowledge needed to review and markup the model, use TimeLiner, Animator, Scripter, Quantification, Autodesk Rendering, as well as the Clash Detective tools within the Autodesk Navisworks software. Using the functionality of the Autodesk Navisworks Simulate, and Manage features, students learn how to open, review, quantify, and run object-interference checks on 3D models. Students also learn how to link to task-scheduling files and create 4D construction simulations. Using the Animator and Scripter tools, students create interactive animations. In addition, students learn how the Autodesk Rendering tools can help them create photorealistic images and animations.


  • Describe the main features and functionality of the Autodesk Navisworks software.
  •   Open and append 3D files of different formats and save in the Autodesk Navisworks format.
  •  Create links to object properties files and scheduling files in external databases.
  •  Perform visual project model reviews using the built-in review and reporting tools.
  •  Create construction simulations of a project model to check validity of construction schedules.
  •  Use Animator and Scripter to create interactive animations for presentations and demonstrations
  •  Obtain 2D and 3D takeoff data from source models to create material estimates, measure areas, and count components.
  • Perform interference detection tests between 3D files of different disciplines to check integrity of the design.
  • Add true-to-life materials, lighting, and Environments to project models, to create photorealistic output. Prerequisites Before using this courseware, students should have working knowledge of 3D design and task-scheduling software. This training course is designed for new and experienced Autodesk Navisworks users who need to become familiar with the main tools within the software.

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