123D Design


Need effective tools in 3D modelling or printing? 3D modelling is as easy as ABC with 123D Design, the free computer-aided design (CAD) program from Autodesk. Perfect for beginners, 123D Design runs on Macs and PCs, and allows you to make high-precision models for 3D printers and laser cutters with the same CAD techniques the professionals use. You’ll have the skills necessary to start creating and printing your own 3D projects.


  1. Introducing 123D Design
    • Exploring the interface
    • Navigating in 123D Design
    • Adding primitives
    • Selection basics
  2. Starting with Sketches
    • Sketch basics
    • Drawing shapes
    • Drawing lines and arcs
    • Drawing splines
    • Creating fillets
    • Trimming and extending
    • Offsetting
    • Working with dimensions
  3. Transforming and Snapping
    • Basic moving and rotating
    • Dragging vs. cruising
    • Snapping with the magnet
    • Moving and rotating with transform
    • Scaling with transform
  4. Measuring and Duplicating
    • Accurate placement with the ruler
    • Using the Measure tool
    • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  5. Modifying Solids
    • Modifying with Tweak
    • Modifying with Press Pull
    • Shelling a 3D primitive
    • Filleting and chamfering edges
  6. Constructing from Solids and Sketches
    • Extruding
    • Sweeping
    • Revolving
    • Lofting
    • Projecting sketches
    • Splitting faces and solids
  7. Staying Organized: Grouping, Combing, and Hiding
    • Grouping and ungrouping
    • Merging objects
    • Subtracting objects
    • Intersecting objects
    • Combining while constructing
    • Hiding solids and sketches
  8. Creating Patterns
    • Creating a rectangular pattern
    • Creating a circular pattern
    • Creating a pattern on a path
    • Creating a pattern of holes
    • Using the Mirror tool
  9. Special Tools
    • The Text tool
    • Importing SVGs
    • Inserting 3D files
  10. Finishing a Design
    • Using materials
    • Saving and exporting